This webpage is Edward's award winning list of useful and inspiring websites for animators.

(As you can tell, it is in progress)

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33 websites and counting

Animation Blogs
Name Description
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels

The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels is the best information source on storyboarding available.

Brendan Body

Brendan Body is a Visual Effects and Dramatic Animator who has worked at Animal Logic and Sony Animation. This website is the home of the legendary bird flight animation tutorial. Be sure to check out his demoreel.


Soak Up Animation! Spungella is the first animation blog I regularly started following. It is the blog of Jean-Denis Haas. It has alot of variety and the curation of content is excellent. Be sure to check out the Best of Spungella for a distilled taste of Spungella.

On Animation

On Animation is an excellently curated blog for animation. The selection of this blog is picked from a wider field than most. I have observed this blog setting the example for novel content rather than being lazy and providing the same content repeatedly

Animated Spirit

This blog is a work of art. Much like everything James Chiang does. Frankly this should be course reading in animation courses. Hard to pick a favourite post, subject to change


Say floobynooby and listen. That is the tone of this website. Upbeat and nonconformist. Easily the best post.


When you have a animation reel like this you can write anything you want in a blog. Andrew Gordon is the most qualified for an animation PHD.

Deja View

Andreas Deja's Blog. You should follow this blog if you are a fan of Milt Kahl. (Like me)


I'm exhausted from writing. I will continue to add more in the future.

Animation News Websites
Name Description
Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew is an artist focused animation and visual effects new ssource. Contains informal and opinion pieces.

Animation World Network

Animation World Network is an artist and business focused animation and visual effects news source. The articles are formal. Contains many visual effects process articles.

Animation Magazine

Animation Magazine is an artist focused animation and visual effects news source. Most of their articles skillfully combine animation news along with light descriptions of animation and design process.

Artist Websites
Some of these are also blogs, and similarly there are great artists in the blog section.
Name Description
Peter De Seve

Peter De Seve is a fantastic artist. He was a character designer for Ice Age.

James Baker

Concept designer.

Mike Cachuela

Mike Cachuela worked as a story artist for Pixar. His work on this website relating to storyboard is a must see.

Bill Presing

Story artist. He draws characters that have the feel of the golden age of advertising.

Josh Cooley

Story artist.

Ronnie Del Carmen

Ronnie Del Carmen is a beast, any material you can find that he is responsible for is worth studying..

James Robertson

James Robertson is the man behind theironscythe. His reportage drawing, normally a quick sketch in pen, is inspiring.

Resources and Tools
Name Description

Syncsketch is online tool that allows you analyze footage, both reference and animation, in detail. Load up a movie and use the provided tools to draw and frame through the video. You can use it for free or pay for a subscription to expand use capabilities.

Aaron Koressel's Workflow Scripts

A collection of scripts for use in Maya to increase your animation workflow speed.

Truong CG Artist

Truong CG Artist is a website with a wide variety of free and priced rigs for maya. Use them to stand out from your peers.


Artella is an online studio hosting platform. It allows you to post jobs for personal and passion projects. It also allows you to accept jobs from others and provides the communication to make the interaction worthwhile.

Line of Action

Practice your drawing here with timed poses. Previously pixelovely.

Quick Poses

Practice your drawing here with timed poses. Sign up and track your progress.

Short of the Week

A website that curates animation and liveaction short films for your viewing pleasure.

Online Animation and Art Schools
Name Description
Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor. Comparitively to other online animation schools this one has the niche for training visual effects animation. Of course it is not limited to this style. This site is also hosting (among other fantastic resources) two excellent eBooks. Namely : Tips And Tricks Volume 1 and Tips And Tricks Volume 2.


Schoolism was founded by Bobby Chiu. Follow him on youtube.


Animsquad. Comparitively to other online animation schools this one has the niche for training 3D Disney style animation. Of course it is not limited to this style.


Animschool. Comparitively to other online animation schools this one has the niche for training Blue Sky style animation. Of course it is not limited to this style. Get their free resources.


iAnimate is the online school I know the least about. Included in list for "completion".

Uncatagorized Animation Websites
This is not a catagory.
Name Description
50 Most Influential Disney Animators

A list of 50 animators with biographies..

Seatup Kids Guide to Making Movies

This is a blog post that introduces film making for those who are not involved in the craft... Yet! It is my intent to make a category that is introductary information for animation and related crafts. Seatup has kindly provided a blog post that talks about the fundamentals of making films..